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About us

Autosock Canada is the Master Distributor for Canada.  

We Supply Commercial Vehicle Autosocks (Trucks, Trailers, and Bus) and Automotive (Auto and Light Truck).

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AutoSock® - the advanced tire snow sock solution for safety, control and comfort on snowy and icy grounds!

AutoSock® is a patented, branded and safety-certified textile hi-tech tire snow sock system designed by AutoSock AS as a “First Aid Kit” in emergency situations, usable for a limited time increasing considerably tire to road grip & traction when driving with these snow socks under adverse winter conditions.

The research and development has been supported by extensive tests and scientific textile and friction theories as well. Leading car manufacturers and selected scientific institutes in Europe, Asia and USA are supplying strong support to AutoSock® snow socks for tires.

AutoSock® snow socks for tyres are available for:

    • Cars
    • Vans
    • Trucks
    • Buses

AutoSock AS is a Norwegian research-based company, which has developed, and holds all the rights to the product AutoSock®. It was incorporated as a Norwegian privately owned company in 1998 and runs R&D, product development & design, patent & quality assurance, branding & marketing, distribution & logistics with an international team of experts. AutoSock Operations AS is a 100% daughter of AutoSock AS.