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Colorado DOT has decided to strictly enforce the law making it mandatory to be properly prepared when driving on snow or ice.  The consequence of not being adequately equipped would be a fine of 133 dollars increasing to 657 dollars if you end up blocking traffic and possibly even higher if you cause an accident. 

BRITISH COLUMBIA, CANADA AMENDS MOTOR VEHICLE ACT ALLOWING THE USE OF AutoSock®As knowledge about AutoSock® continues to spread, local authorities must change their laws and regulations in order to open for this revolutionary traction aid. The most recent place for this to happen was in British Columbia, CA in September 2015.

USA Washington stateAutoSock’s official importer in Austria, ITC GmbH, has released an interesting video where they test AutoSock® safety, performance and installation easiness both....

AUTOSOCK® AT DÄCKIA CONFERENCE IN SWEDENThe AutoSock® Scandinavian distributor, NDF Däck & Fälg, was exhibiting at the Däckia conference held in Sweden during 3 days in January 2015. Visitors' interest on AutoSock® was high and the dealers especially...